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Welcome to CHV Capital, Inc.

Welcome to CHV Capital, Inc. (CHV) is an early-stage investor focused on building value in business opportunities that serve a business or clinical need in the market. We are a return-driven venture capital fund guided by the strategic objectives of Indiana University Health, Indiana’s largest health care system. 

CHV objectives include fostering economic development and the life sciences throughout Indiana. We also seek syndication investment opportunities with a specific focus on  institutional investors located within the U.S. CHV only engages in investment opportunities where CHV management, boards and partners are uniquely positioned to add value.


The mission of CHV Capital, Inc. is to profitably facilitate the commercialization of activities within Indiana University Health — Indiana's largest health care system — and to invest in external business opportunities that directly benefit the mission of Indiana University Health. CHV Capital, Inc. invests in opportunities where the value of such an opportunity is immediately enhanced by the presence and resources of Indiana University Health and where Indiana University Health resources can provide an analytical advantage to its investment analysis.