Investment Strategy

Through early-stage investment, CHV Capital, Inc. (CHV) has focused on building value in business opportunities that serve a business or clinical need in the market. CHV Capital, Inc.'s investment strategy has been to facilitate business or product development and adoption by leveraging the infrastructure and expertise of Indiana University Health, Indiana's largest health care system. CHV has focused on businesses that benefit the mission of Indiana University Health, and where Indiana University Health expertise can add to the value of the investment proposition; examples of this include early-stage life sciences, information technology and medical device opportunities.

CHV's goal is to engage the entrepreneurial spirit of the faculty and staff of Indiana University Health, and to contribute to institutional alignment among Indiana University Health, Indiana University and key affiliates. This strategy is intended to create community benefit in numerous ways, including supporting health care innovation and economic development in Indiana. CHV has made average initial investments in the amount of $500,000 to $1,500,000, with the capacity to invest up to as much as $3 million over the life of a portfolio investment.