Celleration is a revenue stage medical device company which develops and markets proprietary technology that accelerates healing in chronic and hard-to-heal wounds. The Company's core product, the MIST Therapy System ("MIST"), is FDA-approved and delivers therapeutic, low-frequency ultrasound without direct wound surface contact. The MIST system is comprised of a reusable capital device used in conjunction with a disposable saline applicator applied on a per treatment basis.

Perfectserve is an intelligent clinical communications system that routes calls and messages to the right doctor, at the right time, while giving physicians complete control over how they are contacted.

Endocyte is a drug development company. The company is combining its proprietary technology with existing chemotherapy drugs, to better target the drugs to cancer tissue while avoiding damage to healthy tissue.

iScience Interventional, Inc. is based in Menlo Park, CA, and is the leader in the development of innovative microcatheter platforms that enable specific treatment of ocular disease. The iScience iTrack Canaloplasty MicrocatheterTM platform used to treat open-angle glaucoma is commercially available in the United States, Canada and Europe. Clinical evaluation of the iCATHTM platform for the treatment of wet-AMD is currently underway at selected sites in Europe.

MedVentive provides leading-edge technology solutions that enable physician groups, integrated delivery systems, health plans and self-insured employers to effect meaningful and measurable change in the quality and cost of the care they deliver to patients.

MindFrame develops mechanical devices for the treatment of ischemic strokes. The IRIISTM System effectively restores blood flow in a thrombotic neurovascular occlusion in patients experiencing an ischemic stroke.

NeoChord is an early stage medical device company commercializing a minimally invasive surgical tool to implant artificial chordae tendineae as a treatment for mitral valve regurgitation. NeoChord has an exclusive worldwide license from Mayo Clinic to develop and distribute the technology, which has been successfully used in two patients under a compassionate device use exemption.

NICO Corporation, formed in October 2007 and based in Indianapolis, IN, is dedicated to developing technology for the field of minimally invasive neurosurgery, including skull base and spinal surgery. Their technology and products are designed and developed to positively impact patient's lives, their families, the care giver, and the health system provider.

Noxilizer has developed a unique and proprietary medical sterilization process based on a combination of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and nitrogen oxide (NO). Noxilizer's sterilization technology addresses two large market segments: biotherapeutics and hospitals.

Perfinity The company has developed a high-throughput protein purification and separation technology for scientific research, drug development and diagnostics, with mass spectrometry (MS) as the biggest application. MS is the most sensitive technology widely used in scientific research, drug development and diagnostics. It is already a multibillion dollar business, but it still has strong growth prospects almost across the board.

Par8o helps providers optimize revenue and efficiency by creating a more direct link to the people paying for and consuming healthcare.  Par8o achieves this by helping providers sell cost-driven offerings while simultaneously providing service driven offerings and enabling patient volume through innovative links to HSAs and self-insured employers around the referral process.

Based in Salt Lake City, Health Catalyst delivers a proven, Late-Binding™ Data Warehouse platform and analytic applications that actually work in today’s transforming healthcare environment. Health Catalyst data warehouse platforms aggregate and harness massive amounts of data utilized in population health and ACO projects in support of over 30 million unique patients. Health Catalyst platform clients operate over 135 hospitals and 1,700 clinics that account for over $130 billion in care delivered annually.

Cerephex Corporation is a privately held medical device company focused on developing therapies and diagnostic technologies for chronic centralized pain.